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Metric Body Bolt and Nut Kit (20 Varieties-254 Pcs)
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Metric Body Bolts & Nuts 10 Varieties of Bolts 5 Varieties of Extruded U Nuts 3 Varieties of Free Spinning Washer Nuts 2 Varieties of Hex Flange Nuts 254 Pieces Auveco Part No. Size 12693 M6-1.0 x 20mm 12324 M6-1.0 x 20mm 12160 M6-1.0 x 22mm 12065 M6-1.0 x 25mm 12066 M6-1.0 x 25mm 12335 M6-1.0 x 28mm 17388 M8-1.25 x 20mm 13613 M8-1.25 x 25mm 13614 M8-1.25 x 30mm 11641 M10-1.50 x 40mm 11644 M8-1.25 Hex Flange Nut 11645 M10-1.5 Hex Flange Nut 12595 M6-1.0 Free Spin Washer Nut 15329 M6-1.0 Free Spin Washer Nut 15335 M8-1.25 Free Spin Washer Nut 12669 M6-1.0 Extruded U Nut 12575 M6-1.0 Extruded U Nut 11630 M8-1.25 Extruded U Nut 11629 M8-1.25 Extruded U Nut 11631 M10-1.5 Extruded U Nut Type : 6500 SERIES LARGE DRAWER FIX-KITS Description : Metric Body Bolts & Nuts - 254 Pieces Includes : 10 Varieties of Bolts, 5 of Extruded U Nuts, 3 of Free Spinning Washer Nuts, 2 of Hex Flange Nuts Pcs/Unit: 1 Country: US Catalog Page #: 356
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Auveco offers more than 40 prepackaged Fix-Kits in the 6500 series large drawer. Each drawer measures 18 wide x 12 deep x 3 high. Each drawers compartment is designed to hold the entire contents of one or more standard Auveco unit packages. Printed lid labels identify the correct Auveco part number for ordering refills.
SKU : 6540       UPC Code : # 821641524508
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